May 23, 2011
By enkrbffs SILVER, Waco, Texas
enkrbffs SILVER, Waco, Texas
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I wish I could remember the specific wording but here goes:

Art is not art if you know how it ends before you begin.

Phoenix, phoenix fly away;
Into the night you go.
Expectations in your heart,
Never to fulfill you know.

The pain, the hurt, the tears,
The family, the friends, the world,
How can one be happy,
If inside it feels so cold?

Silky petals cushion the blow
As you hit the ground.
Yet, the ground feels like water,
Water in which you drown.

Then deep down inside,
A spark stirs the heart.
A blaze sets aflame
And rips your façade apart.

Standing as a statue,
Face lax, yet stone,
Dust falling, rocks crumbling,
From within there comes a groan.

A scream, a shout, a cry of pain!
You grasp your heart in fright.
Fire! Fire! You’re on fire!
And ashes- is there no light?

Wait. Is there sound? Is that life?
Is this actually true?
But from the dust and the corpse,
There really is life anew.

Phoenix, phoenix fly away;
Enjoy the freedom you know.
I only have one life to live;
I can’t erase my sorrow.

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