Rationalizing Truancy

February 8, 2008
i am a follower
of Jainism.
that is to say,
i am one of the trembling bugs
swept from his path.

i am
stranded in the desert,
biding my time in the
Waiting Room of Lost Souls.

i could be
on the 21st of November,
a snake hidden within the rosy briars of Camelot.

i am an untouchable.
a cockroach.

a glass of orange juice (don't tip me over).

is not

insignificance is peace of mind.
emancipative knowledge.

the freedom to look ahead and behind
while being completely ignored
in the grand scheme of things.

right here, right now we are all tied down to gilded, disposable thrones.
feigning importance / fending off destiny.
no matter.
i am the 6th period bell.

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