Like lava overflowing

February 8, 2008
Like lava overflowing,
My love for you keeps growing,
I don't ever want you to leave,
So just believe.

Believe we can work things out,
Believe I don't really mean it when I shout,
Believe that when you make me smile
It won't just last awhile,
Because you mean so much to me,
I love you more than you love me.

Tomorow will be another day,
So please just say you'll stay,
I'll watch your soccer,
I'll make you food,
I'll do whatever,
Just please don't leave,
If you do I might just plead.

I know sometimes I cry,
With tears streaming down my eyes,
Thank you for always being there,
It means so much to me that I can not even share.

It means so much to me,
Why can't you see,
That you're my one and only.

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