What Happend To That Girl?

May 23, 2011
By Anonymous

I admire the brave souls who try and fail but try again
Cause they don't have the weakness that I do, they aren't consumed by second geussin
I used to be one of them, one that climbed the latter higher than it reached
And when I would fall I'd get right back up, I wouldn't stay on my knees
But scars from failure built up and covered my face
So instead of risking coming in last, I just didn't run the race
I don't want to try, I say to myself eliminating my passion
But really I just don't want to loose
And the past causes me to ration
What ever happened to that little girl who would give it her all no matter what?
What ever happened to that little girl who took every chance and never gave up?
I think she got lost somewhere in the midst of heartbreaking rejections…
She started to care too much what others thought.. According to me recollections
I wish I could bring her spirit back, and live with out a care
If they didn't like who I was then let them stare
But lately I'm too afraid of striking out,
I'm not sure if I can handle another let down
So I stand by and watch them play the game

Even though I know I should be doing the same...

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