February 8, 2008
By Taylon Dye, Fortsmith, AR

Dear autumn lover,
I think I've blown your cover.
Can we go under covers? =)
I swear we love each other.

Your the only i adore.
Other boys are such a bore,
but you leave me wanting more.
This has turned into more

Then I ever wished
I can feel it in your kiss
dear autumn lover,
when fall ends, you'll be missed.

You should stay for the winter
we could love in december
and we'll always remeber
what happened late september

The leaves fall and so do I
into the depth of your green eyes
Dear autumn lover,
Don't you ask me why.

This is much more then a fling,
will you hold my hand in spring?
When the birds chirp and sing
you'll still be the best thing

That's ever past my way
Dear autumn lover,
it might be fate,
lets make it forever and a day!

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