Standing there waiting to get our schedules

February 8, 2008
By krystan ellis, Cleburne, TX

Standing there waiting to get our schedules, all of us so excited
As freshmen we look around waiting to be invited.
We walk around helpless, kind of scared and feeling uneasy
But as the year progresses we aren’t so apprehensive.

Now sophomore year is come and gone with memories following closely.
We are waiting for junior year to bring out something wonderful.
Its our last year of being “underclassmen”, we thank God that it’s over!
But in a way don’t want to think about it, because it makes us feel much older.

It junior year, we finally say, with an un-ending ache in our hearts.
We don’t want to leave and we are so close now we’ve been here from the start.
Now its time to pick out dresses and pick out props for prom
We line up on a Saturday night and wait for our first dance and song.

We have come so far, and now so sad we complete our senior year.
We try on our caps and gowns and try not to shed our tears.
Its now time for our class to show honesty and integrity
We will leave this school together with peace and leave our legacy.

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