annoying love

May 23, 2011
By penutbutterandjelly BRONZE, San Marcos, California
penutbutterandjelly BRONZE, San Marcos, California
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Annoying love

I remember moving for my first time.

I was only seven.

It was a warm quite May

And the smell of fresh air

Filled my body with hope.

I watched the moving truck drive

Away and right across the street

Was a little girl sitting there smiling.

Next thing I knew she had ran across

The street and stopped at my feet.

My heart was racing I didn’t know what to say?

First she tells me her name “Shara” and

Then I told her mine “Mike” then she keeps

On talking and asking question and I had no

Clue what to do it’s like I was a deer trapped in head lights.

So I thought it through carefully and then I started

Backing up very slowly, but the she kept walking forward

The I realized the only way I could get out of it is to

Run so I did. i dashed across the lawn and

jumped over the bushes slaming the door behind me.

Then I was in my house looking out the window

And all I see his her smiling shyly, but then she skips away.

Days came and Shara followed me

Everywhere I went, even at school

If I was the swing she would be the

On next to me and if I went down the slide

She be the next one down same as the

Water fountain and sadly we had the same class.

First I was ok with it,

But then I started getting annoyed and

Then I turned around and ask what she was

Doing she just stood there and said “nothing”

Then I begged for her to stop following me

Then she agreed and walked away, but the next day

She started up again.

That Saturday my parents

Wanted me to go outside and make some friends,

But I didn’t want to. Not that I don’t want to

I just didn’t want to run into Shara again,

But still my parents sent me out side.

I tried my hardest not to attract any attention

To her house while still playing but it was hard

Because she lived right across from us.

Then I saw the door opening from her house

So I ran in the bushes as fast as I can and watched.

Then I saw Shara walked out then I watched her

Every move through a hole in the bushes now it

Seemed I was following her every. "nothing." "Then she asked what do you want to do"

I saw her pick up

A flower and smell it and put it back on the ground

Then she walked across the street over to my house

She just stood there with a weird face like she was

Thinking of something important then she walked

Away and I couldn’t see her any more

I stayed in the bushes for a little longer just

To make sure i didn’t run into her,

But when I peeked out she was standing

Right in front of me. Then she said “hello”

Then I said “hello” with a depressing voice

Then she asked me what I’m doing then i said

then just broke out and asked "what to you want from me"

then she said a "kiss" i was so shocked i asked again,

but she said the same thing so i finally gave up and said "ok."

she said at the neighborhood Bar-B-Q at her house sunday.

i knew tommor was going to be the worst day

of my life. the next day came faster than i

wanted it to and me and my parents were heading off

the her back yard. when i got there i saw her dressed up

in a purple dress and for alittle she didnt seem annoying.

i tried to avoid her the best i can but she found me next to the fence

and was just waiting for that kiss, so i leaned over and

kissed her. then she just giggled and walked away

i stood there thinking about what i just did then

i ran over to he and grabed her hand and all she did

was look at me and smile.

The author's comments:
its sooo beast

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