Senior Year

February 8, 2008
As the year ticks by
And we get closer to that day,
I think of all the friends I’ve had
And all the memories we made.

We had some of the best laughs,
And shed plenty of tears,
But all that will soon be nothing but a memory,
For this is our Senior Year.

I’ll remember that one girl
And cutting class just to chill
We would sit on those sofas,
And our guts would just spill.

We talked about anything,
everything and all,
We would take the best naps
Until our teachers would call.

The talks at lunch were some of the best I’ve had
Who’s the sexiest girl at school that day
Making man laws,
And being bad,

Throwing food at the teachers
And praying from august to may,
Being so loud and obnoxious,
And the infamous chicken fried steak day.

And the basketball games,
Some of the best I’ve every played
People screaming, yelling,
and cheering my name.

If it was Friday night,
Whether we won or not
We would get dresses so fast
And party till we got caught.

I loved every minute
And I will never forget,
My Senior year was the best of my life,
And I will always cherish it.

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