Ode To You who has not been yet

May 23, 2011
By BirdhouseBirdy BRONZE, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
BirdhouseBirdy BRONZE, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
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Ode to you
Who has yet to come true.
The one who is not yet,
The one whom I haven’t met.
You whose name is not in my book,
You whose picture I haven’t took.
You whose eyes I have not seen,
You whose existence has not been.
You’re like a flower yet to bloom,
A firework yet to go boom.
As an un-hatched egg, you wait,
To come out not to soon or late.
I can’t wait to meet you on that day,
When you and I will just play.
I can’t wonder how long,
It’ll take for you to come and sing your life song
Just make sure you don’t miss your life’s cue,
Because I’ll be waiting to meet you.

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