February 8, 2008
By Bethany Vasquez, Cleburne, TX

As I lay my head down to sleep, I say good night to the world that surrounds me
I dream, I dream of a bright blue sky and an ocean that twinkles in my eyes,
I dream, I dream of a beautiful site, quite so peaceful I’m at ease
I dream, I dream of air so pure, so clean
I look into the life filling ocean to see what I could see,
I saw a reflection of a familiar face, but who could it be
The reflection stars and smiles at me,
I dream, I dream of things so real as if I could feel the reflections heart beat
As I start to fade from my dream to reach morning,
The reflection speaks “The beautiful scenery that surrounds me and witch you see,
There’s no dark place not even a limp of shade,
The new flowers that grow from life’s healings
A tone of true feelings of happiness,
This was built by a girl who followed her dreams, who now has a life so sweet
The growing course of life’s cruel ways is a strong heart ready to face anything.”
I awoke to see sunshine, and then I began to realize who the reflection was
It was me

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