Time to Memories

February 8, 2008
By Laura Beth Hallman, Cleburne, TX

Oh how when time flies
We wish we could stop time
The problems and successes
Time turns into memories

When time has become short
We remember the days
When all of our firsts
We relive again

I remember the day
When I got my first horse
When I went to my first show
When I had my first dump

How I never knew
How those days
Would be cherished
More than anything else

Even when I think back
To days that were great
I remember how it started
And how I set goals

These goals seemed unachievable at the time
Yet when I failed to reach them
I kept on trying
It was this drive that helped me reach these goals

Though at the time
I felt it would
Never sink in
That I had achieved my goals

Time has change
These experiences that have defined
Who I am today
Into wonderful memories
Ill cherish always

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