February 7, 2008
By Kierstin Frank, West Pittston, PA

She begged him not to do it
Saying " You have so much to live for"
But he had heard it before
and didn't think so
Now all she could do,
was watch the ambulances take him away,
blaming herself
for things not in her control

She thought to herself
Why didn't I go to his house today?
castigating herself like it was her fault.
I could have stood up for him more,
She thought,
When others called him names
or insulted him
But she hadn't
and now he was gone

And she could have been there more
when his father left him
But she wasn't
She was too busy with her new Boyfriend
to see the changes her best friend
was going through.
She could have........But now she can't

She wouldn't realize for a while
that it wasn’t her fault
and she must not blame herself.
what he did
was his choice
And she must move on
keeping him in her memories.

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