Soon-to-be Heartbroken Alumni

February 7, 2008
Days fly by in a blur,
Approaching that nonstop talked about day.
While each one passes faster than the first,
I gradually become one step closer to being on my own,
And praying I’ll know what to do once there.
Compared to others, I am dreading that day
When friends of so long become something of the past,
Even though, knowing, new ones will soon be made.
Missing all the bus rides home from soccer games,
And pulling the best toilet papering job on a friend
While all the while he was vacationing with family.
Then realizing all these events are memories
Of which will comfort homesickness as soon as it moves in.
Followed by me allowing myself to admit I’ll miss my little bro,
Even with our arguments and misunderstandings throughout the years,
Although, wondering if our Lion King wrestling matches will some day return.
Lastly, me figuring some way of letting my parents go.
Knowing daddy, tear-stained and all, is letting go of his little girl.
His once curly haired, little June bug, all grown-up and now on her own.
Even though, graduating to most is a new beginning,
To me it’s the day I’ll leave most of my heart behind.

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