Melody of Stale Bread (My Life as a Grocery Store Cashier) This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

May 19, 2011
I scan the over priced bread
Bored by an act so trite
[Mr. Cell Phone oblivious to the fact that it expired yesterday]
And watch numbered hieroglyphics dance
Into the demanding red light
Now showing on New York Broadway:
Bunny Bread Ballet

The scanner sings like
Angelo's illustrious caged bird
As I catch the Morse Code melody
Inside my aching head
Entertaining myself with chords
Of a song never heard
Bach would have titled it
"Melody of Stale Bread".

I wait as Mr. Cell Phone
Searches for last nights money
While silver Jefferson's and FDR's
Leap to the floor and run away
I sham a forced smile
As I pass him the euthanized bunny
And he ignores my sarcastic bid of
"Have a nice day."

I direct my attention
To the Mt. Everest of Debbie Cakes on my belt
As Mrs. Buggy Full of Children
Completes the crest with margarine spread.
Alas! I inquire why this losing hand of fate has been dealt
As I heedlessly hum
"The Melody of Stale Bread."

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