Smile :)

May 19, 2011
By , Aurora, IL
He flashes his smile
I'm entranced for a while

He turns towards me
I'm as nervous as can be

I quickly look away
To avoid another useless conversation of "Hi" and "Hey"

But I'm too late, he catches my glance
I tell myself, now's my chance

I promise myself that I'll tell
That I'm caught in his spell

I know I love him
But my chances of being with him are slim

He comes closer
My body grows colder

The nearer he's coming
The more restless I'm becoming

He's about five feet away now
I'm tempted to break my vow

But I notice his eyes aren't locked on mine
I take that as a sign

I turn around and spot
The girl who has his attention caught

He walks right by
Not even stopping to say "Hi"

I am hurt
Although it was my fault for being so inert

I missed my time
So I conceal myself within this rhyme

But I will not cry
For not being able to have this guy

I will wait for the time that is right
For my shining armor-clad knight

To come say "Hello"
Because then I'll know

He is the one for me
And we'll be together for all of eternity

Now I don't have to feign
That I feel no pain

Because I never asked you
If you felt the way I do

With this in my head, I smile
And I wait awhile

Hoping someone else will catch it
And feel the same way I did for a bit

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