The one I truly love has lost her memories

February 7, 2008
By Jieun pi, Closter, NJ

The one I truly love has lost her memories.
Her heart has been the dove from the heavens.
The shine from her eyes has disappeared quietly.
Her voice of the white light has turned mute.
My love, her memories were all shattered, her heart is now pale.
Tears of sadness have fallen from the above.
Because of her purity, her identity has shattered.
Her beauty has been the costliest than her other self.
Now that she can bear is none other else.
She was the snow from the above that has dried up slowly on the cold ground.
How I loved her as my own self.
Now that she is no more, I will have to weep inside her heart.

His voice was like the air from the forest.
His body was the tree that supports the mountains.
The weight he carried on has become a burden.
The body of his has become very delicate.
The leaves he carried were luscious and beautiful as it were.
No matter how that weight burdens him.
He will always let the sun shine through him to protect his leaves.
The leaves were the music he carries to create the purity of the sound.

I have ignored the special light from the heavens.
I was too peaceful to communicate with my journey with the light itself.
I was faithful like a sturdy branch that never decayed by the wind.
I thought I was special enough to control my thought-provoking mind.
There are so many that I was thankful with.
But now I feel as if I am nowhere.
I have ignored the light for quite awhile.
It was my savior and my truth.
It has loved my dearly and deeply.
My arrogance should be no more.
I will regain my strength and return to its arms.

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