Some say water comes from above, because the sky is blue

February 7, 2008
By Tristan Binns, Washington, GA

Some say water comes from above, because the sky is blue,
But if that was in fact true, wouldn’t we swim in that ‘sky so blue’?

Wouldn’t fish live up there and birds fly down here,
If that was in fact water, the drought wouldn’t be clear.

If in fact that was water, everything would be fine,
So everyone could live their life oh so divine.

I mean I need mine and you need yours,
Because water is power at a state much lower.

Water is you, water is me,
Without the presence of water there couldn’t be
A way to survive and live in the streets full of crime,
We couldn’t even cry when we read a sad article in Time.

We eat, we wash, we drink, we clean,
With this one liquid that sometimes can’t be seen.

If in fact that is water,
You probably would see people that wanted to loiter,
At the banks of it which would be the clouds,
Fishing and having fun with a look on their face that would be oh so proud.

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