The End Of The World: A Reversal Poem

June 6, 2011
By KyleHouser BRONZE, Seneca, Pennsylvania
KyleHouser BRONZE, Seneca, Pennsylvania
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The world will end by catastrophe
It is absurd to think that
Things like pollution will cause misery and
Will kill the planet
Our disregard for nature
Is irrelevant
An asteroid
Will destroy the earth
Thinking that global warming is a myth
And saying deforestation and
Landfills will ruin the planet
Is simply stupid
But preparing for an apocalypse
Will save our lives
And trying to prevent pollution
Is just wasting time
Building a Giant Laser
Would be the best way to save the world
Using less gas
Picking up trash
Won’t do any good
Getting ready for the pandemic
Will probably save your life
And trying to stop waste dumping
Or becoming carbon neutral
Is completely pointless
Building a solar storm shelter
Is a good idea
But a solar powered house
Is altogether senseless
Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse
Is a smart plan
Get energy from windmills
Is just asinine
To plan for Alien Invasion
Is a start
But to use hydroelectricity
Is absolutely moronic
To think that the world will end through a fault other than our own
Is exceedingly wise
To try to save the planet ourselves
Completely useless
Writing a poem about it is
Important but
By going out and doing something
We can help

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