Circle of Love

Circle of Love

It is seen as a mother nurturing her baby.
The smile on her face,
As she cradles her offspring.
A mother feeding and loving,
The bundle of joy in her hand.

It is through battles and fights,
Through good times and bad.
It sinks below the surface,
Only to skim the top.
While it can’t be seen,
It still is there for the journey.
Until it surfaces to show the past.

Once it breaks the surface,
And one realizes its presence.
The circle of love begins again within,
With its own love treasures.
Back to the start,
With a baby in hand.
That’s when the grown,
Finally understand.

Later, it’s still not over.
Still stuff on the track.
Running in circles,
Love will always last.
It goes above and below,
The range of view,
But never gone,
A story forever true.
Once it’s time,
For the circle to end.
Then they will go,
To meet all their friends.

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