3 am

February 7, 2008
By Terrie Skidmore, Troutman, NC

Screams fill my head as I wake up
It's 3am and I reach for the pills
Tired of the typical crap I take a

After that I can't remember anything els
All I could hear was sirens

I woke up to brick walls

No one around

Where am I?
I soon found out I was in a psychiatric ward for attemped suicide

I think for a minute

I close my eyes
When I open them the straps of the table holding me down
are gone just like my head

I find a window

Looking through the window I see the beautiful outside and what i'm missing

I realize that I made a mistake
I shouldn't have took those pills and now i'm sorry

I was just tired of my life
The way my father drank day after day

Yelling and screaming
but I'm sorry now
I would rather be at home
I need help please the screams still fill my head

All I want is to be home
Instead I'm standing in a cell with

no one
What did the pills do for me?

They ruined my life

I hear laughing
Balloons are everywhere
Then boom all of a sudden

I wake up in my bed

and it's 3 am

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