The Knight Within

May 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Sobbing, the storm lay equally with my sorrow
Hopes are low for a better tomorrow
This war is never ending
And chances of life are always bending

When I was little, peace it was
But now my memories are such a fuzz
As for my brother, never the chance to see
His young life was bought with hate and agony

For that was then, and not today
My heart is commanding and I must obey
In order for me to go on and be
The knight who was once deep within me

Earth and sky, please join my praise
That my brother's spirit will someday raise
Begone my thoughts of what was once
My cowardly life, when days were months

The lightning opened its mouth to cry
But every scream had fallen dry
Every flash reflected this place
Tearless I stood, expressionless my face

I wore my armor, with sword in hand
As I walked upon the enemy's land
Although we were a distance apart
I could feel the racing of my heart

With my sword, my enemy I lashed
I thought I had won, but found our swords clashed
He caught me off beat as we warred
My blood then stained his crimson sword

Nothing had I to comfort the pain
But push it away with courage, I strained
For my brother's sake, my strength did hold
My body bled and fell as my vision rolled

Dying from my foe's victory, I lay
And in this moment, forever I would stay
But with the last breath i drew
I prayed that my brother would not die too

Struggling to set my brother free
I stood, but then my strength did flee
And as my body fell to the ground
My spirit called out its destinned sound

Swinging a bolt from the shadow of my shame
I lit the sky with my inner flame
The thunder roared across the skies
And a fire was burning within my eyes

I stood and drew my sword up high
Then charger and roared a battle cry
Although I had fallen at my foe's blade
My voice was heard, and a hero I was made

The author's comments:
Breanna "Bacon" Baker is a model, soccer referee, and drummer in Northern California.

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