February 7, 2008
Who knew one night could determine the rest of your life?
I sure as hell had no idea
One drink led to another One bottle led to the next.
Before I knew it, my judgment would be put to the test
I got behind the wheel that night planning to go home
Never knew I wouldn’t make it there,
Let alone only five miles down the road
The center line became blurry, the headlights coming toward me made me blind
Then flying through the air, landing in the street, this unconscious, drunken body of mine
I tried to yell for help but nothing would come out
So I laid there helpless until I heard the paramedics shout
I don’t remember the rest before I woke
The tubes down my throat making me choke
The room, flooded with light too bright for me to see
And I could hear my mother crying in the chair right next to me
As the doctor told me what happened the memories flashed back into my head
And I was instantly overwhelmed with guilt, feelings that I wished I was dead
As of now I can barely talk
But my therapist says with practice, I may once again walk
I’d like to say that in my accident I was the only one hurt
But the passengers in my car are now six feet under the dirt
I live everyday wondering why
Why I’m still here, why wasn’t I the one to die?
If I could have one wish, that one wish would be
To relive the night I decided to take the keys

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