Ode to the Sky

May 23, 2011
By tigerlilly40 BRONZE, San Marcos, California
tigerlilly40 BRONZE, San Marcos, California
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Ode to the sky, clouds, and stars

They were always there

To be admired, inspiring, bright

I look out and wonder, as you pull me in with your

soft, white hands

What would it me like

To soar,

To zoom,

To shine?

A vast open world

Full of clouds like waves, pulling us towards our dreams.

A place where people day dream,

Clouds like cotton candy!

We look back on a time where

Anything and everything was possible.

Thank the sky

For letting us be young

I look into your sweet blue eyes

And see everything that awaits me

Thank you sky,

Day and night

Guiding us through our lives

And letting us shine!

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