last letter

May 23, 2011
By 10madirocks BRONZE, San Marcos, California
10madirocks BRONZE, San Marcos, California
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The letter
in my hand
began to

as my tears

my world was tearing
I felt
When I read what I was dreading to hear
I couldn't move or speak.
The words made my heart whimper, cry, and sink low into my chest.
The air my lungs gasped for didn't come.
The letter said,
" I'm sorry Miss but your husband
General Jim Taylor is dead."
My eyes did not believe what was on the page.
He couldn't be dead, he promised he would come back to me.
He promised!
He promised.....
I ran to the water ahead of me and swam as far as I could.
The water cold as ice on a winters day made me cry again,
Jim enjoyed the beach and how it never stopped, it just kept going.
I felt like giving up and drowning myself in sorrow
but then I remembered what he said
he left for war,
" I love you more than life itself.
You shine brighter than any star in the sky.
You make my dreams come true just the way you are.
And if i happen to get shot
in the line of battle you will be my last thought.
I know you will miss me
not as much as I'll miss you.
Don't let the pain ruin your life and know that
we will be together soon
and when we are apart I will always be thinking of you."
I went back inside and looked at my favorite picture of us
I saw the love in his eyes and the smile on my face
but I knew not to cry now for Jim would want me to be strong
and do what I did everyday just as if it were normal.
So I sat down on my chair with the letter in my hand
and looked out at the water.
Thinking and wondering when i would see Jim again, and
smiling as I see two dolphins swimming side by side
knowing that will be Jim and I soon.
filled with joy and laughter
in the never ending light
of true love.

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