Gothic Romance

February 7, 2008
By James Wright, Albuquerque, NM

Here's the tale of
The tune of a man who was torn from forlorn.
A woman whose love was lost
But was always sworn...
An affection that was born
But had never found it's way
'Twas thrice the final straw
It let to their final day.

Pictures on the wall which hung higher than the others
The stench of beer was so familiar on her mother
A boy so confused with himself he never accepted a thing
Everyday was a tragedy
As soon as the bell would ring
So lonely he walked with humiliation on his face
To hide it he looked down
And in puddles he saw disgrace.

She never thought it through when she opened up the bottle
The surge of her blood after taking the pills
Went full throttle
She only thought of the pain of which her family brang
She took the knife and pierced her wrists
Just to keep sane
Loneliness was a factor
And it brought her facet o face with death
The light came closer and closer
On her final breath
Hope filled her eyes and faded quickly
She slowly disappeared
She failed at taking her life
Instead she glanced into the mirror.

It never caught notice to anyone that he was a living wreck
Silent wishes were sweat drops running down his pale neck
To escape from the times
He lie in bed and died
Night after night no reason at all
He wished he were crying
To release all of the stress
All of the worthlessness in the air
He felt his life was a mess
And all he felt was despair
With no cares in his mind
He didn't realize he was dying
His memories were flying by
But he still kept on sighing....

She never found it true with so many flaws that she was beautiful
He saw her walking, true
He thought she was incredible
He quickened his pace
And his heart started jumping
She felt a different aura
She knew something was coming
But still she walked a bit
And then sat down on a bench
He saw her sit down and took the chance
To her he went
She looked bewildered and wondered what he could see in her
He looked into her eyes
And told her she's beautiful.

As the cars zoomed by
For them reality slowed down
The passioante smiles replaced
Those depressed and sad frowns
Th talks were better than the both of them have ever shared
They felt at one with each other
And for one another they cared
They talked of the times when they felt the most alone
They shared stories about how much hurt they endured to be grown
Every minute of speech that was given was sweet
Each word was filled with love
And each sentence with peace.

They didn't notice the time
And soon the moonlight would shine
They knew their lives would speed up again
and once again start crying
They both got up and told each other farewell
They found love in one another and knew it faded
The spell
She walked to the left and never saw him again
He walked to the right and left his only best friend
They both knew they were walking far from a classic day
But each time one looked back
The other was looking away.

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