Riding the Bus

May 22, 2011
By Anonymous

I am from waking up early, refreshed but drowsy.
I am from dragging myself to my destination outside.
I am from waiting, listening for the unforgettable sound over the hill.
I am from the big yellow beast, creeping slowly to a stop.
I am from the owner of this massive monster, greeting me routinely, every day.
I am from riding this monster to pick up companions along the way.

I am from other people, my age, hopping aboard the gargantuous creature.
I am from the quiet atmosphere, slowly picking up in intensity.
I am from the sudden stops, turns, and acceleration of the all-but-tamed beast.
I am from the sounds of laughter, happy noises, and the morning picking up daylight.
I am from increasingly enjoyable experiences.

I am from many friends met from this daily experience.
I am from the ringing in my ear, reminding me of the monster's sharp, screeching stops.
I am from countless memories.
I am from the simple yet pleasureful bus rides

The author's comments:
I was inspired to do this piece when thinking about the first time I had an experience on a bus and up untill now, many years later.

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