"A Broken Heart"

May 22, 2011
By Made_Boss SILVER, Covington, Georgia
Made_Boss SILVER, Covington, Georgia
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A broken heart
is something that
can only be fixed by time and love.
Every chick or dude
you have fell for
screwed you over,
so you say

screw the world and screw love,
you only need the man above.
You jump
into relationships because
you hate being alone,
instead of being patient
for that one to come along,
every time you jump
to someone new
you are left
standing alone.

Every person needs a broken heart
to let them know
how strong love is,
its not just hugs
kisses or
Love is not something
you just put on a wish list
if you think love won’t hurt
then you are full of it.
Maybe your heart got broken
because your partner cheated,
maybe your heart got broken
because you were mistreated,
you were too blind to see it.
Just because your heart is broken
doesn't mean to stop looking for love, all
you need is a push
and a shove,
then pray to the man above.
has a finish and a start,
depending on where you stand
determines the condition
of your heart.
Women want a real man
but they're still little girls,
you can’t expect a man out of a boy
who has not lived and experienced
in this world.
How can you
blame us for not wanting love,
the men in this world today
want to lay down with you.
A broken heart will never be repaired
because your heart is here,
but his is invisible,
only his pants has appeared.

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