Rain from Your Eyes

February 7, 2008
By Bridget Sidles, Centerville, IA

Your voice is smeared
Like writing soaked with rain
As you try to express
The buildup of pain.

The clock of your heart
Has started to slow
Just one beat per minute
And you reap what you sow.

You know the full story
Each event that took place
A haunting strip of comedy
With his everlasting face.

A good ol’ time out
Drinks in his clutch
One uproar fight
Where he said too much.

Slamming the door
Eyes full of fire
He hears your command
And feels your desire.

Rain begins pouring
He starts to leave
As he drove away
You could not believe…

The screeching brakes
Your ears pound
The once calm world
Now full of sound.

You’re falling now
Heart and soul
All strength is gone
There’s no control.

Crying out

Sprawled on the ground

Hands are clutched

As your head pounds.

It was raining as
You screamed good-bye
It rains again…
Pouring from your eyes.

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