10 Things To Do Before I Die

February 7, 2008
By Clara Ross, Shoreline, WA

Number One:
See the world,
In all it’s beauty
Before greenhouse gasses and development
Devour it, spit it out again
Urban grey

Number Two:
Start a band
Play guitar, be a real rock star for a day.
I would write a song, if I can.
Perhaps by then I’ll have something to write about.

Number Three:
Leap and fly
White peaks of water
I’d pass through liquid sky
Rushing swish of wind

Number Four:
Paint a masterpiece
If only to me.
Maybe three cows—
Not a fourth, or the picturesque
Will go down the drain.

Number Five:
Own a restaurant
Be head chef
Take the silky flavor of roasted onions
With the sharp gruyère and a crispy baguette
Famous for French onion soup.

Number Ten:
Find four more things I need to do
Or let them find me.

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