Testimony of Love

May 22, 2011
By Meaghan703 BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
Meaghan703 BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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Looking for love
In all the right places
Open arms and hearts
Filled the empty spaces
With hands folded
And face to the sky
Spoken pleas of relief,
A solemn battle cry
He dried the tears
And secured some hope
Making rainbows
Out of scenery taupe
Deriving power
From His hand
They provided a dream
On which to stand
They drove away
Endless, haunting fears
“It would get better
In upcoming years”
A lead heavy burden

Upon their heart
Dark clouds of worry

In due time part
Eyes restraining

A flood of tears
Feeling so guilty

For the anxious peers
Used to be

Their ray of sun
Now shying away,

And on the run
Friends inquire

“Why an introvert?”
Hide away in a tower,

Intensifying the hurt
Invites denied,

Feeling so left out
“She will never be the same”

They doubt
Supportive hugs and

Uplifting compassion
Desperate pleas

To eat more than a ration
Constant pain

Does blur reality
Never comprehending

Their extent of sincerity
Consistent sympathy

Elucidated such strength
This most trying journey

Now appears shorter in length
Laughter and joy

Surely begin to spark
How has such light

Been drawn from the dark?
Slowly as life

Creeps its way back in
Adored ones can see

The glimmer of a grin
With each passing day

Pain is vanished
And with joyful hymns;

Hope relinquished
Vacant expanses

Inside the soul,
Constant prayers

Have made them whole
Praise to the Lord,

The God above
My hope and life;

Testimony of Love

The author's comments:
After an emotionally and physically fatiguing diagnosis of Celiac Disease as well as the eating disorders and mental consequences that followed suit I slowly began to heal thanks to the unabiding love of friends, family, and above all, the Lord.

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