Underneath the Rug

February 7, 2008
So we keep playing this game.
I look at you, you look at me.
We talk to eachother, we smile.
Both of us try and avoid,
What is underneath our artificial laughter
We can't get too close.
Don't want mixed signals.
We pretend it's not true.
The left over dust of our mess
is swept underneath the rug.
You try and hang on other girls,
especially when I'm around.
I try to avoid you all together.
Don't want to deal
with potential conversation.
Why can't you just grow up?
If you weren't such a kid
maybe we'd be together.
All of our friends know its true.
I have you wrapped around my finger.
The string that binds us
is just a little long.
But don't worry.
one day you'll see it.
And if I'm still around here,
if i'm still free,
maybe you'll come and find me.

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