Alone With You

February 7, 2008
By Lisa Parraga, Congers, NY

I’ve waited so long
For this one moment
Alone with you
In the silent darkness
You inch toward me
My heart pumping fast
“You don’t have to move
You don’t have to speak”
Staring me down
His glance makes me weak
The look in his eyes
Makes me crazy
Save me
His arms wrap around me slowly
I’m immobile
Captivated by his radiance

He parts his lips gently
I feel his soft breath on my face
As he leans in closer, closer
Our lips finally touch
My thoughts are screaming
Organs take flight
Flying higher every second
How could I have lived without this?
So many feeling held inside for so long
Exactly how much time went by?
I don’t know

Love understands, not what time is
Into eternity I have fallen
He held me tighter
His touch so warm whispering
“Be with me, don’t leave
Please don’t go”
My grasp replied
I won’t
For the first time I felt his
Loneliness, emptiness, suffering
His wanting and needing for my body against his
My lips tell him he’s not alone
I’ll always be here.

I find myself fantasizing about a hot summer’s day
Rain pouring from the clouds
Dripping down my face
As we lie in the soft grass
Waiting for another moment
Alone with you

He kisses me harder
The unbelievably hot room spinning
Sweat trickling off his forehead
I’m breathing for two
“I’ll be fine”
“You’ll be fine”
We continue endlessly
Dripping with joy
The music doesn’t even begin to express
What I wish I could tell you
You are so beautiful

Weak and tired I savor every
Last sweet taste on your lips
I let go
My mind calm
My body at ease
I could stay in his arms

I run my fingers through his hair
And believe in my heart
I will fight for you
I will die to save you
I gaze into his eyes, smile
And say
“I love you”
He looks at me
A twinkle in that
Powerfully exotic stare
Without one word I understood
Exactly what he was thinking
“I love you, too”

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