There’s This Guy…

February 7, 2008
By Lisa Parraga, Congers, NY

His name is Matt
He has short, dark hair
Deep brown eyes,
Exceptionally intense
Always focused

I see you every day with her
You walk past, never acknowledging
My existence
As I stare, hoping you will look up at me
You never do
You never have

I’ve noticed you forever
What will it take for you to notice me?
We have a class together
But it is to no advantage

I’ve made useless attempts to stand out.
They have all failed miserably.
Should I walk up to you one day?
And actually say hello?
Would you turn me away?

Maybe this poem
That I will never send
That you will never read
Would have changed all of that
If my shyness would give me a chance
If you could give me a chance.

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