All I Can See

May 13, 2011
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All I can see,
Is just dark.
It wasn’t meant to be,
But it’s a dead spark.

I feel so numb,
In this dreamless state.
It was really dumb,
To think I could over look your hate.

I let it bleed,
‘Till its dry.
This is what I need,
To finally die.

I know what its like to hurt,
And it feels too good.
I’ve been treated like dirt,
So I hide in my hood.

Self hate…
What does it mean?
Is this my fate,
Or will I be seen?

I block out,
All emotion.
I don't sit and pout,
About this explosion.

Spell love backwards,
Its evil with an o.
There aren’t enough words,
To describe this feeling from head to toe.

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