What Happened

February 6, 2008
By Connor relyea, Shorewood, IL

I'm walking down the street
Snow spinning through the air
People rushing to and fro
frigid wind cutting through my coat
Icy hands closing around the city
Kids on skateboards
Workers all pass by
cars locked in traffic, horns blaring
People shouting
"Coins for the homeless?"
I wrap my coat around me
And put my head to the wind
When suddenly I look up
And see her
The one I knew forever
The one I lost forever
The one I've loved forever
I fight my way to her
When finally I see him
The one she met
The one she loves
He was with her
Holding her
Protecting her from the cold
I blend back into the crowd
Not wanting to acknowledge her
Knowing my love is forfeit
Wishing for her to forget him
Hoping for her love
I'm walking down the street
Wondering what happened

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