Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

April 26, 2011
By , West Chester, OH
That girl over there that everyone judges,

Has a heart and a soul with several smudges,

Her eyes are full of broken dreams,

And her heart is open at the seams.

As she drags her feet on the ground,

She looks to see if no one is around,

She glances down the lonely street,

And returns her gaze to her bare feet.

She walks home several blocks,

Seeing all the wired fences with rusting locks,

A woman is screaming down the road,

At a man trying to make the money he owed.

At home she lies on the floor confused,

Unaware why she's the one abused,

She looks at her bleeding arms,

Wondering why she's the one getting harmed.

Her bed is full of dirt and blood,

And is still wet from last night's flood,

She goes to sleep alone and scared,

And hoping that only someone cared.

At school the next day she goes at her own pace,

While everyone else looks at the scars on her face,

She simply looks at them and smiles,

Because the hope in this girl's heart could go on for miles.

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