The Day Rags Met Riches

April 26, 2011
By walkinluv11 BRONZE, Manheim, Pennsylvania
walkinluv11 BRONZE, Manheim, Pennsylvania
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All Riches had ever known was the potent life of entertainment and bliss
Though longing for a break from high society, there wasn’t a party missed

Mother always warned never to go near people who were of lower class
She believed they were impudent and their insolence was ridiculously rash

Rags, on the other hand, was as simple as the air we breathe
But life was a struggle and there was never enough money to cover their needs

Then, one crisp, fall day Rags ran into Riches in the park
And before they knew it, they were talking till dark

After that day they became an inseparable pair
Their differences were vast, but they did not seem to care

That day they discovered that money was a mask
And you never know what’s underneath unless you ask

Rags and Riches showed everyone a friendship that was true
And the people finally realized that they could all be friends too

The author's comments:
This poem was actually written for school. We were given a set of words that were cut out of the newspaper. Using these words, we had to write a poem. At first, I thought it was impossible to write anything with the words I had. Then, ideas just started coming to me one night. Before I knew it, I had created something I thought I wouldn't be able to write!

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