Counting Down

April 26, 2011
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Five: Teen years, high school
Staying out late; trying to be cool.
No responsibilities. Completely care free.
Dreaming of sights we wish to see.
Age of parties and laughter.
Running without knowing what we're after.

Four: Early twenties. We're moving out,
Going to find what the worlds about.
We're finally free!
Fulfilling this big city fantasy.
Minds filled with dreams of fame.
Rolling dice without knowing the game.

Three: Thirty already, so much time gone;
Not enough to stop and yawn.
Look down at the ring,
Knowing it's more than just teasing.
In this house with so much noise,
Laughing with your pride and joys.

Two: Years gone by, getting old.
Watching as the seasons go cold.
All this time that has passed
Where its gone we wish to ask.
Sitting by the fireplace,
Taking life at a slow pace.

One: Now time stands still.
And we leave it to do what it will.
Wishing soon to see His face,
But not wanting to leave this place.
We leave you our hope and love,
Watching as we fly above.

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