Because I Know You

April 26, 2011
By Anonymous

You once asked me how I could be
Such a good friend to you when I can see,
You, me, everyone, everything so deeply.
I failed in my response miserably.

I care so deeply for you because you’re a star.
You shine a new light on things near and far.
A light full of wonderful colors and feelings,
That is meant for all human beings.

At your core, you’re a girl of peace,
But when you must, you have a force to release.
You stick to your values, or what makes you, you.
To yourself and others you try to be true.

Obstacles often arise in your life,
Making your world full of chaos and strife.
Sometimes they are people you love.
But you can’t give in and say, “I’ve had enough!”

Even though the world presses in on you,
Your light and values shine true.
Those who don’t know you at all,
Inevitably try to make you fall.

They make your values look blurred,
But through it all you have endured.
This is what my picture means.
It attempts to convey my feelings.

I love you Wendi, and I always will.
I don’t care that you’re a big pill.
As you continue to ask, and I know you do,
My answer is still, “Because I know you!”

The author's comments:
My friend really did ask me this, and I answered, "Because I know you!" It didn't seem sufficient enough, so I drew her a picture, but with some people, a picture is just that. It doesn't say anything to them. So I wrote her this poem.

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