A Place

February 6, 2008
By Shannon Kelly, Lincoln, NE

For so long, I
Have Dreamed of
A Place of my Own,
A place where I could
Relax and be
Myself and maybe,
Just Maybe,
Even dare to try
New Things
That only existed in my
Wildest Dreams.
I have heard rumors of
I have been brushed by the far off wonder of
But I think there is more to it than
Walking on a
Red Carpet.
I need a place-
A place where Minds can
Grow and Prosper-
Where being
Is the best thing to be,
Where my Mind and
My Heart can be in
Where I am the
Full Extent of
What I can be.
I long for a place where
The World
is my canvas-
Each word is
A Song,
Souls well with
And I am the ruler of
My Own Domain.
Some, they tell me there is
A Place-
I just have to “find it”, rather
Realize that
It’s There,
Waiting and
All that I am-
The Epitome
Of Me-
Can Splash
And take the World
By Storm-

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