The Feeling

February 6, 2008
What is the feeling that crushes and breaks stone hearts
That falls like water on the dry and through the cracked parts
The thing that puts your heart in a trance
While her wild eyes begin to dance
That power that makes the weak strong and the fearful the bold
Her skin so smooth but the air now cold
How her form gently curves from the heel of her foot to her rose red lips
Touching as you dance her hands on your shoulders and yours on her hips
Passion is the fire and the heat of your flame
That makes you so different yet altogether the same
It fills your mind and it breaks your heart
Yet you enjoy this pain right from the start
For her it is only he and to him it is only she
Like a cloud from your eyes so now you can see
What is this madness?
What is this confidence?
As John once said with a voice crying above:
“All You Need Is Love”

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