Love Now Hate

February 6, 2008
You! You who haunt my dreams
The one who tears at my seams

I hate that voice that made me tremble
All the while you talked fast and rambled

You who led me to the edge and slyly pushed me over
You who killed me with a stab in the back, hiding behind your white cover

I loved that sound
The one you made when no one was around

That sincere laugh, that simple and pure joy
Now I know I’m just another puppet, doll, and toy

Another in your web of lies
Every inch of my life had been riddled with spies

I believed in you
I trusted strongly too

I see behind that blinding light heart
That shadow that had not even begun or start

Some tried to warn
Including one girl once torn

But I couldn’t see
The dark plans you laid for me

The scar laid deep
I will lie there, but I will never weep

I tell you now I do not care
I gave you my heart, so I hoped you could share

Your own bruises, cuts, and scars
But now nothing remains but that which mars

I love her now
Oh you didn’t know?

She is my spark that blares and flashes
You are gone now and nothing but ashes

I had hoped you could take your eyes off your false light and see
If in that broken heart there was room for me

But I guess not
And now my love for you is already rot

She sowed me back up, and healed my wound
You know the one from the love that you ruined

You ask for forgiveness and my love
Why don’t you ask to the light up above

The girl once torn is mine and I am hers
So these will be my final words

I hope you find the one meant to be true
I’m so sorry, but like you said, it’s not me it’s you

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