My Guardian Angel

February 6, 2008
By David Tatro, Campbellsville, KY

“Dedicated to Xubella Hernandez”
My Guardian Angel:
She is sweet like honeysuckles,
She is caring and lovely.
Her hair flows like the waves of the sea,
Her lips sparkle like a distant star in an oasis of darkness.
My Guardian Angel:
Her hands are soft like fresh woven silk,
Her perfume smells of a dozen freshly cut roses,
I could talk to her by the hour,
Her eyes glimmer like the moon glimmers off the sea.
My Guardian Angel:
Her body is like a silhouette,
Rain runs through her hair like glistening stars,
She has the heart of a giant,
I love her like a bad addiction.
My Guardian Angel:
I long to see her everyday,
Her love is in the palm of my hand,
Her hair sways with every ounce of wind,
I miss her like the last day of summer.
My Guardian Angel:
Her love, to me, is like flowers in water,
I need her like shelter,
Every kiss is like the first day of spring,
Her lips are like rose peddles dashed with rain.
My Guardian Angel:
If loving was to hate, and hating was to love,
Then I would love to not hate my guardian Angel,
Her whisper carries in the wind like autumn leaves,
I love her more than life, but in a sense, she is my life.
She is my Guardian Angel.

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