May 14, 2011
I hate the way you look at me, the way you touch me, I hate the way you care for me or at least fake to.  I hate the way I'm seeking, my emotions being so surreal, I hate the way you make me laugh but mostly the way I feel.  I hate the way you hold my hand, softly but slightly, I hate the way you make me feel wanted, and the way you force me to think the endless possibilities might be.  I hate the way you told me I was cute, the way you obviously tried to kiss me, I hate how you think I'm funny and the way you make me believe that you wonder "how far away is she?".  I really hate that you told me you loved me, twice, and I  suddenly felt very happy.  I hate the way you're so sweet to me, but then again make me feel crappy.  I hate that I think I can't trust you anymore, and the way you call my name, I hate that I really might like you, or the fact that things now might never again be the same.  However, besides everything and above all, I hate the fact that you're NEVER going to call.

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