The Brutality of Life

May 13, 2011
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How much more of this can I take before I finally go back to the life I once lived before this every happened to me? I understand Wake Early College of Health and Sciences requires more then enough devotion to get good grades and perform above county standards but honestly, it seems like nothing I ever do is good enough compared to others. Its not humanly possible for a 16 year old to act like an adult-something I find myself doing more then I should instead of enjoying life to the fullest. Instead of going to movies on a Friday night with friends who I've pushed away, all because I feared I would become caught up in a group of people who wouldn't become anything in life; or at least nothing of great importance. Then maybe it is I who will suffer that same fate if I continue on the path of negative expressions. So, If life is that of a bouquet of roses then a majority of the people who have to work harder in order to achieve their dream, find themselves feeling pack each delicate petal one fragile, small, alluring piece at a time. The the only downfall is...what happens when every petal of that bundle of roses lays upon the ground? What happens to us when all the negative we put upon ourselves is the reason why roses, a gift of nature, will remain their till its to late pick them up and start-over;with negativity-the devils tool, staring us in the eye? How is it even possible for me to make any sense of my life if I become a victim of negligence from the quality of work I have performed this year, and the struggle I face to be happy in a school, I dreamed of attending but one year ago. Never would I have thought this would be the outcome of my freshmen year to say the least. It takes a true person to stand up to their enemies. However, it takes an even stronger human being to conquer the pressures and inner downfall of everything they've worked for in one shot.

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