February 6, 2008
Beautiful morning ruined my day,
Locked doors and shouting mouths start it up,
Thinking this day could work it out,

At ease I’ve tried myself to grab me out!
While pushing myself to carry things out.

To argue we can’t do,
By their position we must bow on to.

Then I knew a brilliant man should really do.
To fight thy right,
That thou shall be at right.

But asking thru why every man should really do,
Thou cramping soul would push this day through.

To help much people we owe to do,
On which money we couldn’t count on to.

But on this day were here to say,
That we will fight!
By call of God,
Were angels at might.

To dare our group would put us one,
By strength alone,
As strong as one.

As this group wear white,
I know were right.
As not just chicken would bare our right.

To be exact,
Bring this act,
To court would act.

But now I wish,
How people would do,
To doubt such act we didn’t do!

To blame such creation without respect,
Reaches to top of commandments I knew.

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