Droopy Days

February 6, 2008
By jenna feuerstein, New City, NY

Some days can be really bad,
Non-stop rain for hours,
Clouds in the sky,
And some big old lightning bolts above.

These are the days
that you just want to stay
in your room,
under the covers,
in your pajamas,
with a big ol’ mug of hot chocolate,
at hand, watching movies and reruns on television.

But the days that are really bad
are the ones
that there are blackouts.
You sit in the dark,
Trying to find your way
Around your house,
Without falling down the stairs.

What I love about it though is
When your with you’re friends
You can tell scary stories,
And do other exciting stuff,
Only without lights.

There’s good and bad,
In every situation.
Try to look
At the glass half full,
Instead of half empty.

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