To Sara

February 5, 2008
As I lay restless away from your touch,
I reflect on those words that mean so much.
Those three little said and returned.
Spoken with hope I would not be spurned,
But oft I reflect on those very same words.
Is it truth that I speak or has lust obscured
my true sight and feelings. Have I been so blind?
Hath your beauty led to deception so unkind?

But then I recall your smile so true.
A beautiful smile coming only from you.
A smile so soft and filled with love
I feel as if given a gift from above.
My very own angel smiling just for me.
Why I would climb the highest peaks just to see
And taste your lips my darling one.
A dessert so sweet I could never be done.

Just as good as your smile is that feeling I get,
A feeling I can only describe as completely content.
Completely comfortable in those moments so charmed,
Those times in which I can hold you in my arms.
Those moments in which I can feel a love so true.
A feeling only found when I look at you.
When I am separated from you I can only wait and pine
for another of those moments which feel so divine

When I look into your eyes, which pierce my soul
I know that it is you who makes me whole.
And it is in these moments I can easily see,
I love you Sara Marie

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