Regret Choice

May 16, 2011
By Anonymous

Shadows conceal your sins,
not wanting to see light.
The pain you bring within darkness,
shows the fear in you for wanting to hurt me.
I never imagined that you would go after me,
break me down, make me cry, ruin my soul.
You know what hurts most of all though?
I trusted you and you ruined my body,
you broke everything inside of me
and turned me into a little game.
Someone you could use and torment,
I admit that I sinned with you,
but it was you that brought yourself down.
I want to blame you for it all,
but in truth, I can't because it is my fault too.
I couldn't ignore the flesh, just like you.
But now I'm back up on my feet after all these months.
No more crying, no more hiding, I am growing stronger
with every breath I take, lying in wait to see how strong I am,
And how far you dare to go to ruin my security,
to save yourself, do you regret your choice?

The author's comments:
I hope that people will see through the words on the screen and see the emotion that is built inside of the story.

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