Of Dreams

May 16, 2011
By HGL7893 SILVER, Brandon, Mississippi
HGL7893 SILVER, Brandon, Mississippi
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In this, my silent, fanciful reverie,
Time flows by as in a dream,
Twisting this fragile fabric of reality,
As through these worlds I wander,
As dragons fly in an azure sky,
And roads stretch on, eternal.

This mythic world, a melody, eternal,
Within a thousand minds and their reveries,
And a splendorous, crystalline sky,
All composed of blissful dreams,
As through this netherworld I wander,
Lost in this ever-growing reality.

The paradox of unreal reality,
Confuses we wanderers, eternal,
Pondering as we tirelessly wander,
The land of eternal reverie,
Explore the lands of dream,
And soar through the cerulean sky.

The air shifts in a now cold, harsh sky,
Over stark, algorian reality,
Scattering my rapturous dream,
Ending my wanderings, eternal,
Halting my endless reverie,
And preventing my aimless wander

Without ideal worlds to wander,
I fall from the darkening sky,
Breaking away from this idealistic reverie,
Now imprisoned by unrelenting reality,
And barred from the eternal,
The end of the most wondrous dream.

When I wake, forgotten is my dream,
Now only that urge to wander,
Reminds me of that shadowed world, eternal
Of brilliant, blinding, azure sky,
And blurred, undefined reality,
Living only in my reverie.

Now awoken from my reverie, no longer can I dream,
Of muddled reality, forever to wander,
Or of a clear, unblemished sky, and sea eternal

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